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Whistle Bear Golf Club Wedding – Cambridge

May 19, 2017

Starting my wedding season off with what happened to be a really chilly and rainy day didn’t stop us from capturing some beautiful moments.

When I met with Linda a few days before her wedding at the Whistle Bear Golf Club to do a quick venue check out, we both were a little nervous about the weather. It was pouring rain out and it was supposed to continue all throughout the weekend. Not an ideal situation to be in when shooting your very first wedding of the season, however I was determined (rain or shine) to take advantage of the beautiful grounds this golf course offers and luckily for me, so was Linda.

I thanked the heavenly sky when I woke up that morning and realized that the pouring rain ended up turning into a light consistent drizzle. When I arrived at Linda’s parents’ house to capture bridal prep, I was greeted with excited bridesmaids who were also not going to let a little drizzle ruin the day.

As it turns out, even if the weather was going to ruin some things, Daniel had a few surprises for Linda to show her just how much he loves her. Having joked to Daniel about this before the wedding, Linda was happily surprised to find that her letter from him was folded into an Origami heart. Can’t imagine how long that took him!! This was then followed with a very emotional (yet also adorable) moment for Daniel once he saw his bride walking down the aisle.

But the best surprise of all was when he sang to Linda “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran. A while back, Linda had surprised Daniel with tickets to see Ed Sheeran, his very first concert he had ever attended. And during the concert Linda had mentioned that that song would be perfect for a first dance. I guess that inspired Daniel to sneak behind Linda’s back to rehearse and practice the song so that he could perform it at their wedding. Linda’s reaction was priceless but that kiss she gave him after he finished singing had said it all!

L + D – Despite the fact that every time I see you two we’re always experiences the extremes of weather (i.e melting from heat at our inquiry meeting, getting blown away by the freezing winds at your engagement session etc), it’s always a pleasure to be able to work with you guys and hang out! Thank you for having me be a part of this very special time in your lives and I hope your honeymoon to Maldives was everything you guys dreamed of! #foreverjealous! Congratulations!

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Venue: Whistle Bear Golf Club
Florist: Jodi Leigh Designs
Make Up: Presley Foskett 
Hair: Julia Adorjan
Wedding Dress: Monique Lhuillier
Suit: Trend Custom Tailor 
Videographer: Kismet Creative