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Dundurn Castle Wedding – Toronto Wedding Photographer

July 10, 2015

I am very luck that my good friend Christine Picheca brought me on as a second photographer for Rob and Sarah’s wedding at Dundurn Castle in Hamilton.  Before I even start gushing over how awesome Dundurn Castle is and how I wish I could shoot more weddings there, let me start from the very beginning on how awesome their day was!

Rob and Sarah decided that they were going to have an intimate backyard wedding at Rob’s parents’ house.  Their backyard was absolutely stunning and photographing their ceremony was really refreshing for me as it’s not every weekend I get to be apart of a wedding like theirs.  The backyard was filled with very cute DIY projects including the old wooden doorframes that were placed for Sarah to walk through with her father.

You can always tell how special a couple is by the amount of work friends and family members are willing to put into helping.  It was easy to see how much love went into planning, decorating, hosting, and organizing for their big day. It’s weddings like theirs that make me realize why I’m in this business.

When we pulled up to Dundurn Castle, my first thoughts were “How have I been missing this my whole life?” Not being from Hamilton or visiting there very often, I was completely unaware of its existence, which was probably why I was the only one ridiculously excited. I was told when we arrived that this was a hotspot for weddings and this was later confirmed when two other wedding parties showed up. Luckily there is plenty of space to host all of us and we ended up getting some beautiful shots!

The day ended with us taking some gorgeous photos on the rooftop at Carmen’s Hotel. We may or may not of snuck into there while another wedding was going but shhhhhh it was all worth it!

Congratulations Rob and Sarah! It’s been a long time coming for you two but you guys did it!! All the best!


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