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A Great Little Start to A Giant Adventure – Hong Kong

April 20, 2015

When my awesome friend Kelly offered to take me back to Australia with her after her visit to Canada, I never dreamt that Hong Kong was going to be apart of this adventure. But since it offered a chance to break up what would of been a ridiculous amount of travel time to get to Australia, I figured it was a good idea.

Like anywhere you go for the first time, you’re naturally going to be overwhelmed by not knowing where you are going. And for the first day hitting such a huge city all by myself, I definitely got lost and overwhelmed. Luckily for me, every person I asked for directions (whether they spoke English or not), tried to help as best as they could.

Hong Kong offers so many things to do and see that it’s really hard for me to list them all. Some of my favourite highlights from the trip were the incredible skyline views that you can see from Victoria Peak Park and making friends with a local named Sharon who took me out to dinner and a show called The Symphony of Lights. I spent many hours walking around Hong Kong taking in everything I could possible take in as I knew the 5  days I was there would go by so fast.

I have to say that Hong Kong ended up being such a great start to my trip that I would love to go back and hit up all the places that I didn’t have time to see.   Stay tuned for my next blog which will feature the rest of my trip and all the phenomenal places I got to go to in Australia.


Paula, your photos are wonderful.