pauLa visco

I was absolutely beyond excited when Alex and Adam told me they wanted to do their engagement photos at the CNE. You can never go wrong picking a place like there to do your engagement session as there is always so much fun to be had and so many things to do and see.

We started at Coronation Park, which was conveniently a 5 minute walk from the entrance. Their gorgeous dog Briere had decided to grace us with her presence and joined in for some Save The Date photos. Although she was much more interested in everything other than my camera, I still managed to capture some adorable photos of her before she decided she had enough and went off with grandpa for another adventure around the city.

At the CNE, we started off by playing some games and Adam winning a little Smurf at Whack a Mole – one of my all time favourites to play at a carnival! These two have such big hearts that they ended up giving the stuff toy away to a child who was very appreciative of their gesture. Seriously, I love these two! They are such incredibly kind and thoughtful people!

Later we went on a few rides, which I was happy about because I got to follow along! It was definitely an interesting experience trying to shoot and work backwards while moving on a ride but I am super thankful that they chose rides that even a 3 year old could handle. Trust me, anything more intense then a slow Farris wheel would have sent me off to Dizzy Land!

It was an evening to remember! Thank you Alex and Adam for being such wonderfully awesome people! You both made my job soooooo easy and I couldn’t have asked for better clients than you two! I CANNOT WAIT until you guys get married! … No seriously, I’m counting down the days!