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pauLa visco

Toronto Fine Art Wedding Photographer

i'm pauLa

If I had to sum myself up quickly, it would be that I love to make people laugh and I genuinely care about how I can positively impact someone's day or experience.

I’m passionate about creating romantic and timeless images but I’m also fully committed to ensuring that you are feeling comfortable and at ease in front of the camera. I want to create beautiful images that feel like you and feel true to you.

It’s all about real moments, timeless portraits, and making sure you have the best day celebrating with your loved ones.

If this something you’re looking for, keep scrolling to learn more about what inspires my approach to photography.

My Approach:

“Paula really takes the time to get to know you as a couple and really cares about capturing those precious moments for you"


My approach to working with my clients is to build a foundation of trust and connection. The last thing I could ever want is for you to feel like I am just a stranger documenting such an important day in your life.

This is why I take time for us to get to know each other and crack jokes to make you smile. If you're feeling at ease with me and the camera around, then I'm satisfied knowing I'm doing my job right.

I love capturing the aesthetics and personal touches as a result of all the hard work you've planned into planning. I'm detailed in my approach to photography and this shows up in many ways.

It could be in the way I am always searching for the most flattering lighting or readjusting dresses and suits to sit right. Being deliberate in the guidance and choices I make ensures that you walk away with stunning images.


the photographer

Based in Toronto, I’ve been capturing weddings in the city, surrounding areas, and across the globe for close to a decade now. And it all started from applying to a summer wedding photography job fresh out of graduating from Sheridan College for photography. As you can see, I haven’t looked back and I still can't believe I get to call this my career!

When I’m not working, I’m totally snuggling up to my cat Peakie, binge-watching all the Netflix shows or catching up on a Formula 1 race. I’m also either planning a trip or heading off on an adventure because I love visiting new places around the world.

I’m super lucky to have an EU passport (handy for those European destination weddings!), which lead me to spend almost a year living and working in Ireland. When I say I love travelling, I really do mean it. If you're thinking of doing a destination wedding or adventurous engagement session outside of Ontario, I'm your photographer!




So Far...

What better way to get a little more personal than to share some fun facts and true stories about my live thus far. I'm looking forward to updating this list as life goes on!

Been attacked by a small octopus

Destination Wedding Photographer Paula Visco in Dublin Ireland


Seriously, Crazy Cat Lady stage 1 in full swing!

“Rocked” a mushroom haircut



It was a long drive but totally worth it!

Did I mention my EU passport?

Since I’m a bit of a wanderer and I love travelling, here’s a map to show you where I’ve already been! If you’re planning a wedding at one of these destinations, or any, hit me up and let’s chat about your plans!

Where in the World has Paula been?

If you want to know more about who I am and how I survived mushroom-cut shame, hit the button and let’s get talking!


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Paula Visco is a Toronto Fine Art Wedding photographer also servicing Niagara and destination weddings. Paula Visco welcomes and supports the LGBTQ+ community and offers a safe space for all race, body types religion, sexual orientation, and disabilities.

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