Meet Paula!

My artistic vision and direction for each wedding is inspired by watching moments unfold. I find the complexity and depth of people and their relationships with each other powerful and I strive to capture the authenticity of these relationships.

In inviting me to be a part of your special day, you can expect to find a photographer that not only strives to create beautiful photographs, but a person who genuinely cares about your story. My complimentary engagement sessions are a great way for me to understand each uniqueness. In my experience, these sessions provide greater opportunity for me to develop my tailored approach to capturing your wedding, ensuring that each photograph represents the couple.

My ultimate goal is that my clients have the best experience when working with me. I book a small amount of weddings per year to ensure that my services cater to each of my clients’ needs and so that I am available to my clients throughout their planning process.  It’s not just about the finished photographs, it’s also about the couple being comfortable and trusting in me to be a part of the wedding of their dreams. Really, it’s simple, I want my clients to be happy.